I went ahead and did a page about Airbnb! I use them for just about every destination!

First, What is Airbnb!?

Well, you came to the right place. If you haven’t heard of Airbnb before it’s a site that you can book other people’s homes!! Yes, you can stay for CHEAP at someone’s home and not have to worry about the hassle of a hotel room… Great idea huh?! Matter of fact if you Host you can make MONEY, while you're enjoying a home away from home for CHEAP! Yes…. I said CHEAP!

There are three types of homes you can book:

Shared Room: You can stay in a shared space, like a common room in a person’s home.

Private Room: You have your own room and share some common spaces in a person’s home.

Entire Home: You have the whole place to YOURSELF! A home from home :)

You have a choice to INSTANT book your stay. which you will see a lightning bolt on the Host’s page or you can select the INSTANT booking button so it can filter and how you just the INSTANT bookings. It’s defiantly a quick way without a Host’s approval to get a last minute stay somewhere. I usually always contact the Host first to get a connection right away... I mean you are staying in their home. It’s defiantly a comforting thing for both you the Guest and the Host. They have a selection you can use which is called a TRIP TYPE something that you can pick for a Family Vacation or Work- Related Trips. So, it filters out what Airbnb feels is the best suitable places for your trip. Speaking of filtering you can defiantly filter to like something so little like how many beds or Guests are coming with you to how much you want to spend a night! I mean you can literally filter anything on Airbnb.

My Experiences with Airbnb So Far!

I have literally had NO PROBLEMS… I repeat NO PROBLEMS with any Hosts so far with Airbnb. I travel a decent amount and everyone I’ve communicated with has been nothing but, amazing! They let you know how to get to they’re home and also, how to get in. Sometimes if they feel generous they will provide a map, top nightclubs, restaurants, etc. Sometimes if they are really cool you will be welcomed with snacks and drinks, which is a TOTAL BONUS!! ( Keep in mind future Hosts :) I’ve stayed in Miami, Florida right on the strip, Chicago a few times, New York City in a Hostel for just $36.00 a night all THROUGH Airbnb and I can’t forget the Washington D.C. stay! Which had a Panoramic Room!! Can’t get better than that!

Another thing about Airbnb I absolutely love is the Experiences Section they have. You pick a destination and the dates you will be attending this destination and then CLICK you see what’s going on that time you’ve selected. People sell their talents and business through here for a rather cheap price for you to have a memory of a lifetime! They have stuff like Kayak trips, Sailing throughout the day, photographers, etc etc etc… They take an hour or two out of they’re a day to make sure you're satisfied with your experience.

Now, I’m about to talk about how to MAKE MONEY with Airbnb… Yes, MAKE MONEY!! There are several ways with Airbnb and it’s not a HUGE hassle to do so!

Referral: You can refer a friend or a family member who can receive travel credit off of they’re the first trip and lucky you-you have received travel credit back. A recent one I’ve referred gave them a $40.00 OFF a booking. Then I received $20.00 off for just referring that friend after they had booked their first trip. That $36.00 stay in New York could have just cost me $16.00 IN NEW YORK!! hashtag BARGAIN!

Hosting: Listen if you have space and a little time to make this work DO IT!! You can make over $1,000.00 a month for just renting out your home or space to Guests! This is AWESOME you can always adjust the price per night and you're in control of your money! Click HERE to see how to become a HOST and live the dream of not working overtime anymore just to make the extra dollar.

Promote: This is what I do!! I PROMOTE Airbnb by joining their Marketing Field and becoming a Partner Manager. Which you are in control on how to advertise and promote Airbnb and you earn a commission. You will need a website to perform to get the word out there and to go through their approval process which was pretty easy!! I DEFIANTLY feel it’s worth the effort.

Airbnb Careers: Always, check out they’re job listings to join Airbnb, you never know you could become part of the Airbnb Family and provide success around the world!

Make sure you check Airbnb out and like I said you won’t regret it! It either saves you money, makes a great place for a CHEAP vacation for your family or to help bring in EXTRA INCOME so you don’t have to work those overtime hours anymore and have time for your family, friends or just for your social life. :)