Memory is not just the imprint of the past time upon us; it is the keeper of what is meaningful for our deepest hopes and fears.
— Rollo May

Chicago Illinois: 1st-4th - Views of Lake Michigan - 5th&6th: A view of the Chicago River. 7th&8th- Picture with my boyfriend and son at The Bean - 9th- Random picture because I thought it was cool. 10th- At the Lincoln Park Zoo - 11th- Random picture on Michigan Avenue - 12th&13th: Fire escape hangs (St.Patrick's Weekend) - 14th: Lincoln Square Celebrating St.Patrick's Day.

Cancun, Mexico: 1st-3rd: On Blvd. Kukulcan (where restaurants and other hotels are) -  4th: enjoying my last Corona before heading back to Dayton, Ohio - 5th: Airport Selfie DAY Airport - 6th: An Island we flew over - 7th-9th: front of Hard Rock Hotel Cancun - 10th & 11th: Views from Padre and I's hotel Room off the Balcony - 12th -15th: Ocean walks and hangouts with Padre, look how blue the water is!! - 16th - 18th: Just enjoying the views :)

Pompano Beach, Florida: All pictures are either the beach or views from the resort :) HIS face in all these makes me so happy though :)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1st: The Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, in Washington Square - 2nd: Construction in an Alley Way - -3rd & 4th: Independence National Historical Park - 5th & 6th: Independence Hall - 7th-12th: The Magic Gardens and Ft. My friend Matty :) 13th: Abandon House - 14th: Mexican Restaurant downtown Philly - 15th: Brauhaus Schmitz  - 16th & 17th: Green Eggs Cafe' - 18th: Jefferson Federal Reserve - 19th: Sign Franklin footsteps - 20th & 21st: Parts of Philadelphia - 22nd: Elfreths Alley - 23rd: Betsy Ross Territory. 

Washington D.C. : 1st: Mussels and Beers:) - 2nd: The View from our Airbnb - 3rd: The White House and it's Guards ha! - 4th: Abraham Lilcoln Memorial - 5th: Washington Monument - 6th: At Lincoln Memorial 7th: Breakfast 8th - Abraham Lincoln at Lincoln Memorial 9th & 10th- The View from the Airbnb rooftop and bedroom!!*Featuring Ryan the Boyfriend.

Coronado, California: 1st: Son and I - 2nd: Playing in the sand FIRST TIME! - 3rd: Sandy Hills - 4th: Sunrise.