Traveling For 24 Hours

Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living.
— The Travel Channel

It's always nice to see someone's opinion on what traveling cheap means to them and how they do it. So here's how I travel cheap for a night's stay. :) 

The TWO MAJOR things I notice when trying to travel somewhere is the COST of getting there and the COST of somewhere to stay. 

Getting Somewhere... Well usually by vehicle is cheaper but, depending on the destination can take hours or even days.. Flying is a great way to go... But it's expensive. Now if you read my Who Am I? page... I stated that I work for an Airline... So already I'm traveling pretty cheap just in flights alone... One tip: If you want something bad enough ( like traveling around the world ) do whatever it takes even if it's totally something you've never thought you would see yourself doing! So that's a benefit for myself. It is a full-time job so I work hard to receive this benefit.

Now staying somewhere I always suggest staying at a Hostel or Airbnb. I truly believe this is the best way to go if you want to travel on a budget. I usually recommend Airbnb private rooms, full apartment whatever satisfies you! Usually, I do a Dorm or Shared room usually tends to be cheaper!


I also came a crossed I'm still looking into it. I'm pretty sure it's like $60.00 then you communicate with people around the world and stay at there home for free or little to nothing. I'll UPDATE this as I look into more. ( Still researching on $$ )

Getting around ... depending on where you are usually there is a Metro close by that's safe!! Possibly use Lyft or Uber and do a Shared Ride. Which means its cheap but, you'll be picking up others at different locations on the way to your destination or you can just simply rent a bike for the day that's how I got around California for a day! It was like $15.00 for a whole day. Everyone could use the exercise!

I already posted a different page in my blog on how to travel lite. Follow that guide when it comes to packing... If you forget something like a shirt or an extra pair of shoes to find the closest goodwill or Thrift Store.. ( California was my incident, I needed flats for the beach. )

So when do you eat and what for cheap??

Well honestly... Find a place that serves free breakfast ... Most Hostels do and by lunchtime, a cheap salad or cheeseburger and stay hydrated with water.. dinner can in tale a cheap domestic beer (if you like alcohol )with a salad. Use Groupon for cash back deals or Dosh to get cash back!

FOR A NIGHTS STAY YOU CAN SPEND AS LITTLE AS 35.00 DOLLARS!! You can even get cash back at the right places you eat, stay, or transport with GROUPON, DOSH, ETC.