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The Windy City Adventure

The Windy City Adventure

the bean

Hey Seekers! I am going to share my trips to Chicago, Illinois in this blog! I absolutely LOVE Chicago! I actually was so serious about moving here after I got my Massage Licenses that I found a Studio and everything!! I would have literally brought my 3 year old at the time and started fresh! The thing that stopped me was my Father actually. He reminded me I had family here and that's what was more important for my son right now. Thanks Father :)

I'm going to share my experiences that I've encountered in Chicago, Illinois. I guess this is kind of a guide if your thinking about going in the future. :)

  • ORD Airport (Chicago Airport) Okay, so I've heard people talk bad things about ORD Airport. I honestly never really witnessed anything horrible, just a lot of gate changes.. Running down one course to the next. Ha Ha laughing about it right now actually. Just picture yourself running through a crowded airport. It's a thrill til you miss your flight haha.

  • Taxi/Metro/Lyft/Rental-

  1. Taxi- To Expensive! If you are riding on a budget.. No need to explain more.

  2. Metro Train/Bus - YES!! I highly recommend the Metro such easy access to get around to see everything you need to see in Chicago!

  3. Lyft - Honestly, I would use them if I wanted to adventure out more, possibly if I were to get lost at some point but, a little cheaper than a Taxi.

  4. Rentals - I say no... There is so much around you to use for commuting. You won't have to deal with all the traffic and crazy drivers and the cost of parking CRAZY. This is a preference though.

  • Places to stay - I have stayed in an Airbnb off Michigan Avenue, ( where all the main stores are) a Hostel that was outside of the main attractions, a hotel in Deer Field way outside of Chicago.. I honestly suggest Hostel's if your riding solo.. or Airbnb just because you can negotiate the price usually on your stay, if they aren't stingy which I've had a few like that. Click HERE to start earning extra income today!!!!

  • Some Restaurants I recommend - I used Groupon to get cash back on the restaurants I've been to.


See what I mean about Cheesy...

  1. Giordano's - Best Pizza place everrrrr! I can wrap my Son's whole face in cheese if i wanted to! It's that Cheesy. I even have a picture of how cheesy it was! haha!

  2. Harry Caray's Tavern, Navy Pier - Love the Wild Turkey Burger w/ a Blue Moon.

  3. The Signature Room at the 95th - It's more of an Upscale place love the view of the city

  • Attractions - My Favorite Part :)

  1. The Bean (Millennium Park)- I mean this is just the ideal spot to check out if you ever go to Chicago.

  2. Millennium Park - The Bean, a beautiful garden, a play place for little humans. They still have construction going on since May 2018 the last time I was there but, it's still awesome to walk through.

  3. Navy Pier - So beautiful you can walk along Michigan Lake to get there. The last time I went I finally did the Ferris Wheel. A little expensive but, then again they give you a lot of copies of the picture you get done with the Wheel.

  4. Shedd Aquarium - Expensive but, worth it! It's a huge Aquarium with tons of things to see. check to see they're free days though!! Usually, January, February, and June.

  5. The Field Musuem - Groupon always... Cheap and big! Either way a cool place to go through.

  6. Lincoln Park and Petting Zoo- TOTALLY FREE! Granted I barley ever see animals the past three times I've been but, it's nice for little ones.

  7. Willis Tower - So cool to experience!! I mean you ca literally stand on glass over the city !! NUTS!

There is tons more to Explore like other museums and restaurants. These are just my favorites so far :)

In my Gallery HERE I have tons of pictures from Chicago, Illinois! I'm also, going to do a Separate blog for St. Patrick's Day in Chicago Illinois soon,, Giving you the ins and outs of that crazy weekend.

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