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The Gratuity Of Monsters

The Gratuity Of Monsters

Hey Seekers!! I wanted to talk about Gratuity today! I have recently visited Miami, Florida. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced Miami but, this is the first time I recognized the word Gratuity. HONEST! Probably shocking to most that I’ve never really encountered it. Which I’m sure I have but, not so dramatic as it was in Miami.

First, What is Gratuity? Well, it’s a tip that the restaurant puts in a percentage on your bill for the server, waiter, bartender, etc. then it includes in your total price for your bill.

Well, our experience in Miami was a way to notice this. You know when you walk down Ocean Drive or Collins Avenue you get a lot of restaurants trying to get you to dine with them. Have you noticed they have signs with "Deals" and you just can't resist those "Deals" because they're just to good to be true? Your right... They are too good to be true.

Alert 1: When they hound you as your walking by to check out their deals and why you should dine with them. If interested ALWAYS LOOK AT THE MENU!! See if the "Deals" they are giving out is actually true and actually worth it!!

Alert 2: MOST IMPORTANT CHECK FOR THAT GRATUITY WORD! Look at the bottom of the menu of any page. Usually at the bottom of the first or last page. Make sure it stats how many per table when they add this Gratuity percentage.

Alert 3: Confirm the Gratuity and make sure they don't sneak in any percentage if there is no need for one. Usually, 2 people or less.

Our learning experience from this particularly restaurant was how they hounded you with the deals they had provided. On our end we did not even glance at the menu we just decided why not? Well, our waiter knew right then and there when we received that bill our mouths dropped!! He threw in a shot for each of us know how our reaction was. Seems he was used to this. They took 18% Gratuity from us! That is a lot for two people with a $40.00 bill. First for two drinks and a $9.00 steak wasn't supposed to be that much. So they got us with the "DEALS" then the 18% Gratuity... We discussed it with him politely of course. He's just trying to make money or maybe I was just to kind ha ha. Anyways, he brought us another shot before we hit the road and we were okay with it. I mean yet again we are in Miami, Florida.

So, I really wanted to share the word Gratuity with everyone and to just make sure you look at the menu before accepting any deals. Like I said could be common sense but, it was a defiant learning experience for me. Hopefully, this will an alert for you before you head to somewhere like Miami, Florida.

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