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To Discover History For Itself

To Discover History For Itself

independence hall

In January 2017, I took my first day trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of my Co-Workers knew her way around so a group of us decided to go for the day! We Ventured all around downtown Philadelphia, and the best part everything was in walking distance!! It was a bit crowded since this is a city with A LOT of history you're going to see tons of large groups. ( field trips ) I decided on this Travel Blog, I'm going to go in order how my day trip went! So, you guys can get an idea of what Philadelphia is like.

  • Breakfast - Green Eggs Cafe'... By the way SO GOOD!! It's a Brunch place, most of us got their waffles, I of course, got the Lox and Bagel w/ a Mimosa. :)

  • The Independence Hall ( Independence National Historical Park ) - We got a chance to walk through and learn how The Independence Hall became! It was very interesting and I guess we came on a good day or when tours were going on because the second time I came ( May 2018 ) we couldn't go through it. Anyways, You just follow a tour guide throughout the Hall it takes about 30 minutes or so. I got some amazing photos! I'll share in my Gallery :)



The Liberty Bell*

  • The Liberty Bell ( Independence National Historical Park ) - It's a crossed the street from Independence Hall. You first go through security when you walk in. You walk through sort of like a hallway with windows (ha..ha) and read the written history of how The Liberty Bell became. Then at the end of your little tour for yourself. Which if you have any questions there was a guide around. ( Can be helpful ) You then reach the at the famous Iconic Symbol Of American Independence. Yes, it's just like everyone describes it.."A Big Bell." You can get pictures with it and make a donation if please and then back out into the world you go!

  • Washington Square ( Independence National Historical Park ) - It's quite calming .. You see a lot of pigeons, even an older lady was feeding them on a bench. You'll see The Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, there as you cut through.

  • Lunch - Brauhaus Schmitz ... It's a German Bar everything is in German. It's really good! I highly recommend it. I had no idea how to pronounce half of the food or drinks but, I was lucky to learn a few words since my Co-Worker was from Germany. :)


Magic Gardens*

I think we look alike?

  • Philadelphia's Magic Gardens - This was AMAZING! If you ever visit Philadelphia, you have to visit The Magic Gardens... It's like $20-$25 to walk through... But, you can see a lot of it from the outside, up and down the walls and in or around doors. So many cool pictures in my Gallery as well. :)

  1. It was getting to the end where it was time to fly back... We ate at a Mexican restaurant. I forgot the name of it... I think El Toro was better and you know what that's saying.. I tried there Philly Cheese Steak and I know it didn't come anywhere close to Jim's Steaks that everyone talks about but, it was food at the time... I'm pretty sure I burned a lot of calories this day.. 10 hours of nonstop walking and going..We defiantly slept on the flight back.


Snow Day in Ohio*

Snow Day in Ohio*

24 hours in Washington D.C.

24 hours in Washington D.C.