Who Am I?


I go by the name Ashlyn! A little about myself and why I'm starting a Blog. My passion for travel is huge!! I decided to start sharing my experiences with the world!! In my Blog I will be writing like I would be talking to you in person. I'm just being myself on my here, and want people to really feel my personality through my Blog! I had no idea where to start when it came to traveling. From looking at hotels, what to bring with you, and the best spots for certain seasons, etc, etc, I'm becoming more advanced and just want my seekers to know your not alone, everyone needs to start somewhere !! :) ...

Two years ago I joined an Airline. Once I heard the awesome benefits they provide for traveling, I jumped on the job! I had never heard of my job title before or done anything like this before! It was a rough start, defiantly something new and different. Then as I did it 40 hours a week, I started to get it and now I enjoy it! This is what I've been looking for, to get me started into the traveling world... I don't have a degree in anything big and I’ve always had a passion to see the world with my own eyes. Since I was a little one, I always wondered what it’s like to fly on a plane. ( I had never flown til I was 22 years old... Yikes! ) or vacationed somewhere other than Myrtle Beach, South Carolina ( family vacation spot. I know right?) I always had a passion to visit outside of my hometown ( Dayton, Ohio.. Now you understand.)

I am finally adventuring out slowly towards bigger escapades and more exotic adventures. As I grow to learn more about traveling and whats surrounding us today makes me even more excited!! I have a little human that is life to me. For me to show him what life is like outside of our hometown brings a HUGE smile a crossed my face. The nonstop mouth drops to laughter from him is PRICELESS! You will see a lot of my travel posts involving just myself, family and friends. Getting to meet new people is an Ultra Plus for me! I'm such a social butterfly! I just wanted to start something that I can share and show how passionate I am about helping others around the world, visit places I've always dreamed of and have fun while doing it! :)

Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.
— Lovelle Drachman

What I want To achieve/Bucket List top 10

  • To live to learn 6 different Cultures. ( Rabari, Gaúchos, Hindu- Buddhist etc. )

  • Visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland. ( always been a passion of mine. )

  • Atlantis, I mean who doesn't want to visit the "Island of Atlas."

  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Maybe I can get up close to a Bison.

  • Havana, Cuba has been mine since I was little! Would love to see an older fashion of today.

  • Africa and/or Cambodia find a support group to help out with orphanages and the homeless.

  • Hike my way up to The Grand Canyon and say "I MADE IT!" when I reach the top.

  • Food tasting throughout Italy. ( I'll make sure I bring a size up in pants for this one. )

  • Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

  • Paris, France. To see the famous Eiffel Tower.